A Piece of Audio History: $100,000 For Stereo, Limited Edition McIntosh MC2.1KW

McIntosh is celebrating its 75th anniversary in style with the release of the MC2.1KW monoblock amplifier. This is no ordinary amplifier. It is a work of art, with a price tag to match - $100,000 for a stereo pair!

2,000 Watts of Power

The McIntosh MC2.1KW is not just a pretty face. It is also a powerhouse, with an impressive 2,000 watts of output per channel. The MC2.1KW is designed with a unique three-chassis structure, not just for looks. It is to ensure crystal-clear sound with no interference. The audio circuitry is divided into two separate modules, while the third chassis houses the input and output components.

A Piece of Audio History: $100,000 For Stereo, Limited Edition McIntosh MC2.1KW

A Design to Be Admired

Now, about the design. The MC2.1KW is a real beauty. It has a sleek stainless steel case with a mirror finish, black glass front panels, and of course the iconic McIntosh logo paired with the signature blue power indicator. It is as if they took a piece of their history and mixed it with the modern age. This is not just an amplifier; it is a work of art.

For audiophiles who love exclusivity, the first 75 units of the MC2.1KW come with special anniversary badges. Imagine having "75 Years" engraved on your amplifier - it is like owning a piece of history.

A Price Tag That Reflects Luxury

A Piece of Audio History: $100,000 For Stereo, Limited Edition McIntosh MC2.1KW

Yes, the price is pretty steep. We are talking about $50,000 per channel. But McIntosh is not just an amplifier. It is a status symbol, a luxury. It is for those who do not just listen to music, they feel it. For those who appreciate the combination of top-notch sound quality with elegant design.

The McIntosh MC2.1KW is not just another great amplifier. It is a celebration of McIntosh' 75-year journey in the world of high-end sound, a continuation of history. It is a mix of nostalgia, modern design, and sheer power. So for those who can afford it, this amplifier is not just an addition to your audio system; it is a statement.

Technical Specifications and Features of McIntosh MC2.1KW

  • Power Output: 2000 watts.
  • Tri-Chassis Design: Unique separation of audio circuitry and input/output components across three chassis.
  • Speaker Outputs: Multiple outputs for 2 ohms, 4 ohms, and 8 ohms.
  • Heat Dissipation: Equipped with four bespoke McIntosh heatsinks on each power module.
  • Enhanced Circuit Designs: Modern components and shorter signal paths for improved sonic performance.
  • Connectivity: Single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs.
  • Price and Availability: High-end pricing, available from January 2024 at authorized dealers.

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A Piece of Audio History: $100,000 For Stereo, Limited Edition McIntosh MC2.1KW
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