The Dynaudio Confidence 60 and Simaudio Moon Masterpiece at the Munich High-End Show

How much does it costs? 100-150 k?

By JaguarXL, on 29/06/2024

The Roon Nucleus Titan: A Closer Look at the Latest Buzz in Music Servers

the Nucelus+ has an Ethernet port. Was that port dropped with the Titan?

By Jonathan Meyers, on 30/05/2024

High End Munich Adds Exciting Gaming Zone to 2024 Expo

It was an interesting idea. You came and try good speakers with games. unfortunately it was hard to hear anything. I would say you can just buy some random speakers from known brand and you will get the same result with or without visiting the...

By JaguarXL, on 13/05/2024

SOUNDSCLEVER at High End Munich 2024: Affordable High-Fidelity Systems

There was huge expectations around that. unfortunately there was no real setups for audition. Looks more like marketing stuff. Hope next year there will be something real to listen and compare

By JaguarXL, on 13/05/2024

Feliks Audio Showcases Groundbreaking Amplifiers at Munich Audio Show

Right. That’s gonna be something unusual

By JaguarXL, on 06/05/2024

Feliks Audio Showcases Groundbreaking Amplifiers at Munich Audio Show

That could be really interesting …

By George, on 06/05/2024

The Warmth of Vinyl and Jazz

Ser grymt bra ut kikade in på Instagram. En fråga om du skulle hamna på en öde ö och fick ts med endast 1 skiva vilken skulle du ta med. Kanske lite taskigt att välja bara en. Så vilka 5 skivor skulle du ta med

By Anders , on 17/04/2024

Forget Stereo, This Speaker Brings a 3D Sound Experience: Lyravox Karlmann Monolith

Warning: once you've experienced the sound of these speakers, you'll never want to listen to music through any other modular combination of high-end amplifiers and speakers, no matter how high their price tag. No A-B comparison necessary. The...

By Andreas Bindszus, on 24/03/2024

Sonic Panorama Shaping Depth and Detail

Very nice setup

By HiFi.Fan, on 27/02/2024

Harmonious Symphony in an Audiophile's Sanctuary

The room looks very beautiful and so many CDs. Unbelievable. It is just thousands and thousands dollars invested into it. I even can't imagine how to track it and does he really loves each possible style of music?

By JaguarXL, on 22/02/2024