Brionvega RR126 Radiophonograph: A Piece of Audiophile History

When it comes to iconic designs in the world of audio equipment, few can match the allure and appeal of the Brionvega RR126 Radiophonograph. Designed by Italian masters Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1965, the RR126 is more than just a functional piece of audio equipment—it's an art form. In this article, we'll delve into the features, design, and legacy of this remarkable machine.

Aesthetics and Design

Encased in a sleek wooden box, the Brionvega RR126 features a turntable, radio, and speakers, all beautifully integrated into a modular form factor. The setup is designed to adapt to your space and lifestyle. The speaker units, for instance, can be detached from the main console and placed elsewhere, allowing for greater flexibility in sound optimization.


Brionvega RR126 Radiophonograph: A Piece of Audiophile History

This unit is far more than just a pretty face. It comes with a built-in FM/AM radio tuner, a high-fidelity turntable, and audio inputs for external sources. While the technology may seem dated in the era of digital audio, the RR126 has an analog warmth and richness that is often lacking in modern devices.

Collectibility and Availability

Owing to its rarity and the nostalgia it evokes, the Brionvega RR126 has become a collector's item, often appearing in European HiFi auctions. Prices for a unit in good condition can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars depending on its provenance and condition.

Interior Design Appeal

Because of its iconic aesthetic, the RR126 doesn't merely serve as a functional piece of audio equipment; it's also a striking piece of interior design. Whether you choose to place it in a minimalist modern home or a vintage-styled apartment, the RR126 is sure to capture attention and spark conversation.

Brionvega RR126 Radiophonograph: A Piece of Audiophile History

Technical Specifications

  • Turntable: 33, 45, and 78 RPM with automatic or manual arm movement
  • Radio: FM and AM bands
  • Speakers: Detachable, allowing flexibility in positioning
  • Inputs: Various inputs including RCA for additional audio sources


The Brionvega RR126 Radiophonograph represents an intersection of art, design, and audio technology. As a collector's item, its value goes beyond mere function, encapsulating an era and a style that continues to be appreciated by audiophiles and design enthusiasts alike. It's not just an appliance; it's a piece of history.

Brionvega RR126 Radiophonograph: A Piece of Audiophile History
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