Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

Recently, we got a unique product to test. Currently, there are only two models of keyboards with a built-in DAC and headphone amplifier in the world, and one of them is the Fiio KB3. We will talk about it today.

This keyboard has several unique features, and we want to figure out who it is for, how it sounds, and whether it is worth the money. Given its uniqueness, let's start with an analysis of the features and sound.

Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

Feature Overview

It is important to define the methodology for comparison and identification of key points for Fiio KB3, given its niche. Let's start with the fact that two Cirrus Logic CS43131 DACs and two SGM8262 operational amplifiers are installed inside the device.

The Cirrus Logic CS43131 DACs in the Fiio KB3 are known for their ability to provide clear and detailed sound, which is especially important when listening to high-resolution music. These DACs, typically used in high-end portable audio devices, are used here to improve sound quality directly at your workplace. And the SGM8262 operational amplifiers help to minimize distortion and noise, providing a richer and more emotional sound, making each listened composition more alive and realistic.

Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

Sound Analysis

The starting point in our comparison will be a quick test of the MacBook Pro, which already has a decent built-in DAC. Headphones worth about 2,000 euros were chosen as headphones to avoid sound limitations and at the same time to check the efficiency of the amplifier.

We created a playlist on Qobuz that includes tracks that we believe are suitable for testing this keyboard. The playlist features various genres, but we consciously did not focus on jazz and classical music, as we assume that KB3 is aimed at a slightly different audience.

Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

During a quick test of the MacBook Pro DAC with the tracks "Blinding Lights" and "Crew Love", it was noticed that, despite the good bass in "Blinding Lights", the sound seems a bit closed. "Crew Love" demonstrates the purity of the sound, but there is a lack of spaciousness and resolution. In general, the sound through the MacBook Pro is clear, but not as detailed and rich as we would like.

Now we move on to the most exciting stage: we connect the headphones to the 3.5mm jack of the Fiio KB3. Conveniently, no additional drivers are required. We listened to the same and other tracks:

  • The Dark Knight, Hans Zimmer: There is a noticeable improvement in resolution, although the bass seems a bit restrained.
  • Hotel California, Eagles: The sound becomes more natural and full, with good transmission of nuances.
  • Blinding Lights, The Weeknd: The bass has improved significantly. Even at maximum volume, the sound is not tiring, maintaining its dynamics and development.
  • Crew Love, Drake: Good clarity and nuance, great separation of voices.
  • Enter Sandman, Metallica: Excellent drums that create a sense of closeness.
  • Moth to a Flame, Swedish House Mafia: While listening, we unknowingly turned up the volume to maximum - the sound is captivating, without any complaints.
Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

The use of two Cirrus Logic CS43131 DACs in the Fiio KB3 keyboard significantly improves the soundstage, making it more spacious and detailed. This is especially noticeable when listening to complex musical compositions, where each instrument and voice sounds clear and separate. Thanks to this, the use of the Fiio KB3 keyboard turns ordinary listening to music into a deeper and more immersive experience.

The amplifier in the Fiio KB3 really proved to be powerful and effective, doing an excellent job of maintaining sound quality even at maximum volume. This is an important aspect for any audio device, especially when it comes to listening to music through high-end headphones.


Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

Sound control on the Fiio KB3 is significantly more convenient and enjoyable than the standard volume control on the keyboard. This is ensured by the built-in volume knob, which allows you to accurately and easily adjust the volume level. Additionally, the keyboard is equipped with two USB ports, which expands its functionality, allowing you to connect additional devices, such as a mouse or flash drive, directly to the keyboard, which is convenient and practical, especially with a limited number of free ports on the computer.

In addition, the Fiio KB3 is equipped with mechanical keys with Gateron G Pro 3.0 yellow switches, providing pleasant tactile sensations when typing. RGB backlighting adds aesthetic appeal and provides customization options, which will be valuable for users who want to give their workspace a personal touch. And the compact 75% design makes the keyboard ideal for saving space on your desktop.

Appearance and Packaging

Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive

The outer packaging of the Fiio KB3 looks presentable and modern, decorated with the company's slogan "Born for Music". The keyboard comes with a long enough USB cable for connection, as well as a simple instruction manual. It is worth noting the absence of a specialized cable for connecting to Mac devices, which will require the use of an adapter. However, overall, the first impression of the keyboard was very positive, and there was an immediate desire to connect it and evaluate its sound.


The Fiio KB3 is an excellent purchase at an affordable price. For 110+ euros, you get not only a gaming keyboard, but also a built-in DAC and headphone amplifier. This is a great offer for those looking for a solution to improve sound quality without adding external devices. The Fiio KB3 is ideal for optimizing your workspace and reducing the number of cables, while it is not only attractive for audiophiles, but also enriches the gaming experience for gamers, improving the sound of dialogues and special effects.

Fiio KB3 Review: The Keyboard That Makes Your Music and Games Come Alive
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