C4 Platinum speakers redefine excellence in sound quality through state-of-the-art materials and evolved acoustic principles, elevating what it means to listen with confidence. These towering speakers, standing at 1.73 meters, are equipped with twin 28 cm Esotar2 tweeters coated with Dynaudio's proprietary precision material, ensuring crystal-clear trebles. The body also includes dual 15 cm midrange drivers and two 20 cm woofers crafted from Magnesium Silicate Polymer, a signature material of Dynaudio, known for its superior sound properties. The speakers’ ultra-lightweight aluminium voice-coils, non-magnetic Kapton formers, and high-quality internal wiring all converge into a finely tuned first-order crossover, enabling them to deliver incredibly deep, controlled bass along with smooth and detailed highs.

Dynaudio’s Directivity Control (DDC) technology, developed from extensive experience in professional studio monitor construction, is a pivotal feature in the C4 Platinum. DDC aims to reduce the acoustic distortions and time delays caused by sound reflections off floors and ceilings. This technology involves a vertically symmetrical arrangement of drivers and a sophisticated crossover design to curtail the dispersal of sound energy to non-listening areas by up to 75%, enhancing the listener's experience irrespective of the room’s acoustics. Moreover, every part of the signal chain in these speakers is optimized to support DDC, ensuring that each tweeter and woofer complements the other in frequency response and phase relationship. The meticulous selection of crossover components and the matching of driver sets ensure seamless harmony and optimal performance.

The C4 Platinum is available in multiple luxurious finishes, enhancing its aesthetic appeal to match its auditory prowess. These include Mocca with a Bird’s-eye maple real wood veneer stained in dark brown and sealed with clear piano lacquer; Bordeaux, also in Bird’s-eye maple but with a dark red stain; Rosewood featuring a dark red-stained Rosewood veneer; and Piano Black with a deep black piano lacquer finish. These choices ensure that the visual elements of the speakers are as refined as their acoustic output.


  • Status: Discontinued
  • Segment: Home
  • Series: Confidence
  • Type: Floorstand
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB @ 2.83V/1m
  • IEC Power Handling: 400 W
  • Rated Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response:
    • Lower Cutoff: 27 Hz @ +/- 3 dB
    • Upper Cutoff: 25 kHz @ +/- 3 dB
  • Box Principle: Bass reflex rear ported
  • Crossover Type: 3-way DDC
  • Crossover Frequency: 730, 2200, (8000) Hz
  • Drivers:
    • Tweeter: 2x 28 mm Esotar2
    • Midrange: 2x 15 cm MSP
    • Woofer: 2x 20 cm MSP
  • Dimensions (without feet/grill):
    • Width: 250 mm | 9 7/8 inches
    • Height: 1732 mm | 68 2/8 inches
    • Depth: 445 mm | 17 4/8 inches
  • Dimensions (with feet/grill):
    • Width: 420 mm | 16 4/8 inches
    • Height: 1732 mm | 68 2/8 inches
    • Depth: 475 mm | 18 6/8 inches
  • Weight:
    • kg: 55
    • lbs: 121

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