Compound 3 is part of Dynaudio's innovative speaker technology that emphasizes unique system tuning, requiring advanced measuring tools and significant expertise, often beyond the scope of typical speaker manufacturers. The system's design includes a dual enclosure format enhancing the damping capability of the bass drivers, a distinctive feature that addresses the challenge of balancing deep bass with accurate sound reproduction.

In particular, the Compound speakers utilize a groundbreaking configuration where an externally mounted bass driver is coupled with an internally mounted driver. This setup mimics an infinitely large airspace, effectively absorbing the back-wave energy of the driver and allowing for impressive bass extension without the typical compromise on accuracy. This dual-driver system enables the Compound models to produce deep, impactful bass and maintain excellent impulse response, all within a relatively compact cabinet design.

The sophisticated driver technologies developed by Dynaudio for these models underpin their high performance. These were crafted in a controlled laboratory environment, leading to some of the most advanced transducers seen in their product ranges to date. The Compound 3, along with its sibling models, supports versatile installation options, including bookshelf placement or free-standing setup with optional stands, making it adaptable to various living environments. Further enhancing its performance, the cabinet of the Compound 3 features a robust, resonance-damped construction with massive, internally-braced walls that nearly eliminate all mechanical vibrations, ensuring pure and undistorted sound output.

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