The Confidence 30 is a remarkable example of next-generation audio technology, enveloped in the smallest package among the Confidence floor-standers. Designed at Dynaudio Labs in Skanderborg, this three-way floor-standing speaker is a harmonious blend of traditional values and cutting-edge advancements. Its design pays homage to former Confidence models while simultaneously elevating their performance and technological prowess.

Central to its design is the Esotar3 tweeter, a refined component that builds on the insights from the Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter. The Esotar3 is enhanced with optimized airflow technology, a superior neodymium magnet structure, and the innovative Hexis device aimed at minimizing resonance. These improvements collectively result in a significant leap forward in sound quality.

Further refining the acoustic output are the dual 18cm NeoTec MSP woofers which have been updated to include advanced neodymium magnet systems and sophisticated airflow technology. Coupled with an ultra-rigid Compex composite front baffle, an enhanced 15cm midrange driver featuring the Horizon Surround for correcting airflow, and a down-firing bass port, the Confidence 30 stands out in its delivery of precise and powerful audio performance.

A standout feature of the Confidence 30 is its next-generation DDC (Dynaudio Directivity Control) sound-beaming technology, augmented by the new DDC Lens surrounding the tweeter. This system is meticulously crafted to minimize floor and ceiling reflections, thereby ensuring a clear and precise horizontal sound image. This refined directivity makes the Confidence 30 incredibly versatile, allowing for placement in expansive spaces without the need for specific room treatments.

The speaker elements, down to each screw and gasket, are engineered to function seamlessly within the DDC framework, creating an auditory experience that remains true to the artist's intention. This meticulous attention to detail allows for a sound quality that not only meets but excels, providing an unmatched listening experience directly in the comfort of your home.


Status: Current
Segment: Home
Series: Confidence
Type: Floorstand

Sensitivity: 88 dB @ 2.83V/1m
IEC Power Handling: 350 W
Rated Impedance: 4 Ohm
Minimum Impedance: 2.8 ohm @ 85 Hz

Lower Cutoff Frequency: 38 Hz @ +/- 3 dB
Upper Cutoff Frequency: 22 kHz @ +/- 3 dB

Box Principle: Bass reflex down-firing port
Crossover: 3-way
Crossover Frequency: 290/3700 Hz
Crossover Topology: 2nd/3rd order with DDC

Tweeter: 28 mm Esotar 3
Midrange: 15 cm MSP with Horizon
Woofer: 2x 18 cm MSP

Dimensions (without feet/grille):

  • Width: 222 mm (8 6/8 inches)
  • Height: 1337 mm (52 5/8 inches)
  • Depth: 399 mm (15 6/8 inches)

Dimensions (including feet/grille):

  • Width: 364 mm (14 3/8 inches)
  • Height: 1382 mm (54 3/8 inches)
  • Depth: 424 mm (16 6/8 inches)


  • Kilograms: 44.2 kg
  • Pounds: 97.4 lbs

Grille Color: Black
Baffle Material: Compex
Baffle Technology: DDC 2


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