With great power comes great responsibility, a statement that rings especially true for the Confidence 50 floorstanding speakers. These are meticulously designed to deliver not just room-shaking power but also the most intricate details with precise control. Modeled at the same height as the previous range flagship Confidence C4, the Confidence 50 employs a three-way design incorporating twin woofers and twin midrange drivers. Its construction is nothing short of breathtaking, characterized by top-notch finishes and truly exceptional performance. The use of DDC (Dynaudio Directivity Control) technology in these speakers guides and focuses the sound precisely, avoiding undesirable reflections from floors and ceilings, and is coordinated around a singular Esotar tweeter and MSP woofers to push performance standards to a new level.

Central to its groundbreaking sound redirection is the DDC Lens, which meticulously focuses the output of the tweeter, midrange drivers, and woofers vertically, ensuring minimal reflections and pure sound transmission. This precision-machined waveguide surrounds the Esotar3 tweeter, enhancing the tweeter's performance to deliver unparalleled clarity and detail.

The Excellence of the Esotar3 tweeter is noteworthy, incorporating over 40 years of expertise with innovative design elements like the powerful neodymium magnet system and the Hexis inner dome, which clarifies and amplifies sound details and sensitivity.

Continuing this trend of innovation, the Confidence 50’s MSP midrange drivers mark a significant evolution from previous models. With the newly designed Horizon surround, which mimics the shape of the cone up to its edge, the drivers minimize resonance and increase the effective playing surface for improved audio performance. These are ideally mounted flush within the baffle to minimize diffractions, ensuring a seamless blend with the tweeter for crystal-clear sound output.

Supporting all these is a Compex composite baffle that is ultra-rigid and acoustically inert, echoing the design ethos of earlier Confidence models but updated to integrate seamlessly with the DDC Lens system. Even the bass port is cleverly positioned to fire downwards, concealed beneath the speaker to maintain aesthetic and acoustic integrity.

In summation, the Confidence 50 speakers are a marvel of audio engineering, designed to be seen—and heard—to be believed, providing an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary.


Status: Current
Segment: Home
Series: Confidence
Type: Floorstand

Audio Specifications

  • Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 2.83V/1m
  • IEC Power Handling: 400 W
  • Rated Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Minimum Impedance: 2.7 Ohm @ 79 Hz
  • Lower Cutoff: 35 Hz @ +/- 3 dB
  • Upper Cutoff: 22 kHz @ +/- 3 dB
  • Box Principle: Bass reflex down-firing port
  • Crossover: 3-way
  • Crossover Frequency: 200/2860 Hz
  • Crossover Topology: 2nd/3rd order with DDC

Driver Details

  • Tweeter: 28 mm Esotar 3
  • Midrange: 2x 15 cm MSP with Horizon
  • Woofer: 2x 18 cm MSP

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 49.6 kg (109 lbs)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    • Without Feet/Grill: 218 mm x 1512 mm x 399 mm (8 5/8 inches x 59 4/8 inches x 15 6/8 inches)
    • With Feet/Grill: 364 mm x 1557 mm x 424 mm (14 3/8 inches x 61 2/8 inches x 16 6/8 inches)

Additional Details

  • Grille: Black
  • Baffle: Compex
  • DDC: 2

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