The Dynaudio CS1 stand is designed to enhance the performance of your centre-channel speaker, which is a pivotal element in any home cinema setup, typically responsible for delivering the bulk of dialogue in movies and television shows. Unlike traditional flat speaker stands, the CS1 features a unique slanted design that effectively tilts the center speaker upwards, directing sound towards the listeners' ears rather than their knees. This orientation not only improves the clarity and impact of the dialogue but also optimizes the overall sound projection across the room.

In addition to its ergonomic tilt, the CS1 stand minimizes unwanted low-frequency resonances by elevating the speaker off the flat surface. This elevation helps in delivering a clearer and more precise sound by avoiding direct contact with other surfaces that could cause sound distortion. The stand is equipped with threaded inserts that allow it to be securely attached to the underneath of the speaker, ensuring stability and safety. Furthermore, it includes rubber insulators to reduce vibrations, protect the surface on which it rests, and enhance the listening experience by isolating the speaker from external disturbances. This combination of design features makes the CS1 an essential accessory for anyone looking to optimize their home theater audio setup.



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