The Stand 10 is a robust speaker stand crafted from aluminum, ensuring both stability and visual appeal. It is specifically designed to complement Dynaudio's compact loudspeaker series, ranging from the Emit M10 to the Evoke 10. This stand integrates several user-friendly features, including built-in cable management and a compartment capable of being filled with sand to enhance stability. A noteworthy aspect of the Stand 10 is its tool-free adjustable spike system which, along with non-stick rubber pads, provides solid and reliable support for the speakers. Additionally, the stand can be safely tilted up to 10 degrees, offering optimal positioning without the risk of toppling.

In terms of practicality, the Stand 10 ensures ease of use with a front-positioned sand compartment that includes a plastic bag for mess-free filling. Cable management is addressed through a generously sized cutout at the back of the column, allowing easy organization of power and speaker cables. The base features rubber rings making the stand suitable for placement on hard surfaces. Adjustments can be confidently made beneath the stand with the inclusion of easily accessible large finger nuts for the spikes.

Visually, the Stand 10 showcases a minimalist yet elegant design with its structured paint finish and clean geometric lines that reflect the contemporary styling of Dynaudio's speakers. Available in both black and white satin finishes, the stand adds a sophisticated touch to any room. The Dynaudio logo is seamlessly integrated into the structure, offering a durable and aesthetically pleasing feature compared to traditional adhesive logos.

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  • Status: Current
  • Segment: Home
  • Series: Accessories
  • Type: Speaker Stand
  • Weight:
    • 3.2 kg
    • 7 lbs
  • Height:
    • 593 mm
    • 23 3/8 inches
  • Height (with spikes):
    • 617 mm
    • 24 2/8 inches
  • Top Plate Dimensions:
    • Width: 150 mm / 5 7/8 inches
    • Depth: 180 mm / 7 1/8 inches
  • Base Plate Dimensions:
    • Width: 273 mm / 10 6/8 inches
    • Depth: 296 mm / 11 5/8 inches

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