A Closer Look at the Futuristic Transparent Ferguson Hill Jetstream Speakers

If you're the type who appreciates good sound and has an eye for unique pieces in your living space, the Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System might just pique your interest. This isn't your average speaker setup; it's more like a piece of modern art that also happens to play music. But before you think it's all looks and no play, let's dive into what makes this setup tick.

The Look and Feel

First off, these speakers are transparent. Yes, you read that right. The main horn speakers stand tall and clear, making them blend in yet stand out in any room they're placed in. It's not something you see every day, and that's part of the charm. The bass speakers follow suit with their own clear, sphere design, making the whole system look futuristic.

What's Under the Hood

Now, for the techy bit. Ferguson Hill didn't just focus on making these speakers look good; they've poured a lot of thought into the sound quality as well. They teamed up with Cube Audio to develop a custom full-range drive unit for the horn speakers. This means you get a smooth transition of sound from the speaker to your ears, with minimal distortion. The bass speakers and amplifier are built to complement this setup, ensuring you get that deep, rich bass without losing any clarity in the sound.

A Closer Look at the Futuristic Transparent Ferguson Hill Jetstream Speakers

The Catch: Price

All this innovation and design doesn't come cheap. The Jetstream system is definitely on the pricier side, with the whole setup running into the tens of thousands. It's a hefty investment, but for those who have the means and are looking for something that doubles as a conversation piece and a high-quality audio system, it might just be worth it.

Bottom Line

In essence, the Ferguson Hill Jetstream Loudspeaker System isn't for everyone. It's a blend of high-end audio engineering and unique design that'll appeal to those who value both aesthetics and sound quality. If you're after something that looks like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie and sounds like you're front row at a concert, and you don't mind the premium price tag, this could be the setup for you. Just remember, it's as much an investment in art and design as it is in audio technology.

Tech specs and Features

  • Design & Materials:

    • Transparent horn speakers and bass units for aesthetic appeal and sound clarity.
    • Materials include acrylic for the horns and spheres, and anodized aluminum for the amplifier, chosen for their acoustic properties and visual impact.
  • Horn Speakers:

    • Developed in collaboration with Cube Audio, featuring bespoke semi-full range drive units.
    • Sensitivity: 100dB at 1M/1KHz/1 watt, ensuring efficient sound projection.
    • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms, compatible with a wide range of amplifiers.
    • Horn dimensions: Stands at 1.65 meters tall, providing a significant visual presence and acoustic function.
  • Bass Units:

    • Equipped with neodymium-powered drive units within transparent acrylic spheres for deep bass performance.
    • Low-pass filter set at 140Hz, allowing for a smooth transition between the bass and higher frequencies.
    • Designed to work seamlessly with the horn speakers, ensuring a balanced and cohesive sound profile.
  • Amplifier:

    • Class D bass amplifier, designed for efficient power usage and minimal heat generation.
    • Power Output: 200 watts per channel, providing robust support for the bass units.
    • Constructed from a solid block of aluminum, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional durability.
A Closer Look at the Futuristic Transparent Ferguson Hill Jetstream Speakers



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