A Look at Spotify's "Supremium" Tier

In recent times, the landscape of music streaming services has become a battleground for audio quality. With Spotify's rumored "Supremium" tier, a volley has been fired that adds a complex layer to the ongoing conversations about sound quality, value, and the features that users genuinely desire.

The Value of Quality: Spotify vs. Competitors

Deezer offers Redbook quality FLAC at $11 a month. Meanwhile, Apple Music is comparably priced and boasts hi-res audio. Users often argue that the quality of Apple Music far exceeds that of Spotify, even in standard AAC formats. However, others appreciate Spotify's robust feature set, particularly its music discovery algorithms.

AAC vs. OGG Vorbis

The encoding format also plays a significant role in audio quality. While Spotify uses a mix of OGG Vorbis and AAC across platforms, many audiophiles believe AAC provides superior quality over MP3. The effectiveness of OGG Vorbis is debatable, especially on Android devices where AAC hasn't been implemented well.

What's in a Price?

The proposed price for Spotify's "Supremium" tier is causing a stir. While some users think $20 a month isn't unreasonable, others find it steep, especially when compared to offerings from Deezer, Apple Music, and Amazon. What complicates matters is Spotify's attempt to justify the higher price by bundling in additional features like audiobooks, which don't appeal to everyone.

The Playlist Limit Woes

Deezer also comes under scrutiny for its playlist limitations. In contrast, Spotify offers greater flexibility, allowing users to create extensive playlists with thousands of songs.

The Algorithm Game

Where Spotify often wins is in its sophisticated algorithms for music discovery. The platform introduces users to a wide range of new music, which is seen as one of its strongest points. However, some users argue that the algorithms have become less effective, circling back to music they've already listened to.

The Convenience Factor

When it comes to multi-room and multi-device experiences, Spotify tends to win out. The convenience of Spotify Connect, which seamlessly finds speakers on your network, often trumps the audio quality debate for casual listening scenarios.

Can You Even Tell the Difference?

Many are skeptical about the perceptible differences between high-res audio and Spotify's current maximum of 320 kbps. While the debate rages on, even among audiophiles, it remains a critical point for potential subscribers. Can most people discern the difference, and even if they can, is it worth the additional cost?


The forthcoming Spotify "Supremium" tier is bound to shake up the existing landscape of music streaming services. However, whether it will fulfill the audiophile's dream or become a jack-of-all-trades offering that dilutes the brand's musical focus remains to be seen. In the end, the choice may boil down to what users prioritize most: is it audio quality, algorithmic discovery, convenience, or price?

As the world of streaming services continues to evolve, users are left to navigate this complex landscape, weighing the pros and cons to find their ideal musical home.

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