Acustica Applicata Debuts ALIENO 150-120 LTD at Munich's HiEnd Show

Acustica Applicata is gearing up to make a splash at the Munich High End Show, a big event for audio tech enthusiasts. They're bringing their latest gear including a new tube amplifier called the ALIENO 150-120 LTD. This isn't just any amp; it stands out because it's versatile enough to use two different types of tubes – the 300B and the 2A3. Depending on which tube you pop in, it can kick out either 150 watts or 120 watts per channel. This means you can tweak the sound to suit your taste without fussing around with extra settings or tools.

The ALIENO 150-120 LTD is designed to make life easy. It has a smart dual display that shows which tube type is currently rocking out, ensuring everything's running smoothly under the hood automatically. They're also showcasing a tube phono preamp that goes hand in hand with the amp, aimed at vinyl fans looking to get the best out of their records.

Their booth at the show isn't just about flashy tech; it's set up to demonstrate how well their products work with other high-end equipment. They've teamed up with Cessaro Horn Speakers and Döhmann Audio to create an impressive sound environment, complete with some of the top speakers and turntables on the market.

So, if you're into your audio gear, this setup at the Munich High End Show is something you'd probably want to check out. Acustica Applicata seems to have put a lot of thought into making devices that not only push the boundaries in terms of power and flexibility but also focus on user-friendly features, making high-quality sound accessible to more than just the hardcore audiophiles.

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