Beyerdynamic's DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition, 100 years of sound excellence

In this article, we're taking a casual stroll through the world of Beyerdynamic's DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones, released to celebrate a whopping 100 years of audio innovation. Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • The Heart of the Sound: Discover the magic behind the new STELLAR.45 driver technology that’s making everything from bass to treble crystal clear.
  • Cable Freedom: Finally, a headphone cable that doesn’t feel like it's on a leash! Learn about the detachable Mini-XLR cable that’s a game-changer.
  • Wear Them All Day: Find out how these cans manage to stay comfortable, even in the longest of listening sessions, thanks to some smart design choices.
  • A Nod to History: A quick look at the silver emblem that marks Beyerdynamic’s century-long journey in audio excellence.

Interesting? Continue reading to get the full scoop on these special edition headphones that blend history, innovation, and comfort into one.

Alright, let's strip away the glossy marketing speak and dive into what the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition headphones are all about, through the lens of someone just sharing their thoughts over a cup of coffee.

So, Beyerdynamic, this really old and respected audio company, hit their 100-year milestone. To celebrate, they've rolled out these special edition headphones, the DT 770 PRO X. Now, if you've been around headphones a bit, you'll know the DT 770s have a bit of a cult following for their sound quality, especially in the bass and treble departments.

What makes these new ones special isn't just a nod to the company's long history; it's also about bringing something fresh to the table. They've thrown in this new driver tech called STELLAR.45, which is supposed to make everything you listen to crystal clear, from the deepest bass to the highest treble, across a really wide range of frequencies. And yes, these are the same kind of drivers that were previously only in their pricier models.

Now, onto something a lot of us have been wishing for—a detachable cable! It's a Mini-XLR one, which is pretty neat because it means you can easily replace it if it gets damaged or if you just want a different length or style. Plus, it makes the headphones more versatile since you can plug them into almost anything without needing some powerhouse of an amplifier to get good sound.

Comfort-wise, they've really thought about it. There's this new padding design on the headband that's supposed to make them more comfortable to wear for long periods. That's a big deal if you're mixing tracks for hours or just binge-watching shows. The ear pads are made of velour, which is super soft and doesn't get as sweaty as leather or pleather can.

They've also added this silver emblem thing on the side to mark the 100 years, which is a cool touch if you're into that sort of historical nod or just want something that stands out from the usual headphone crowd.

Priced at around $199 and up for pre-order with shipping expected to kick off in April 2024, these headphones are sort of a bridge between honoring the past and stepping into the future with better tech and features. It's like Beyerdynamic is saying, "Hey, we've been doing this for a century, and we're still all about giving you great sound and comfort."

So, if you're in the market for new headphones and you want something with a bit of history behind it but don't want to compromise on modern tech and features, these might be worth a look.

Beyerdynamic's DT 770 PRO X Limited Edition, 100 years of sound excellence
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