Bose is Set to Unveil New Open-Ear Clip Headphones

Bose is preparing to unveil new open-ear clip-on headphones at CES 2024. The potential name is Bose Open Ear TWS. One of the key features is that the sound comes from outside the ear, so the headphones do not go inside the ear canal. For many people, this will be much more comfortable and will also allow them to better hear what is happening around them. Like other clip-on headphones, they will have a G-shaped design that clips over the ear. This trend is becoming popular among other manufacturers as well.

This is not entirely a new model, and in 2021, Bose experimented with headphones of this type. It is likely that the new headphones will simply be an improved version with refinements in design and technical specifications.

Preliminary information shows models in silver, but it is also possible that there will be black, and possibly other colors. So far, there are open questions about water resistance, active noise cancellation, and integration with smart devices.

More detailed information is expected during the official unveiling at the CES 2024 trade show.

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