DALI Unveils RUBIKORE Series at High End Munich

Today at the High End Munich event, DALI introduced their latest offering in high-fidelity audio, the RUBIKORE series loudspeakers. For enthusiasts and attendees, a firsthand experience of these speakers is available in room D108, Atrium 3.1.

The RUBIKORE series encompasses five distinct models: the RUBIKORE 8 and RUBIKORE 6 floorstanders, the compact RUBIKORE 2 bookshelf speaker, the RUBIKORE ON-WALL, and the RUBIKORE CINEMA designed specifically for home theater setups. Each model is crafted to provide a blend of sophisticated design and audio performance that seeks to set new benchmarks in the industry.

DALI Unveils RUBIKORE Series at High End Munich

Leveraging over four decades of loudspeaker innovation and the heralded design cues of their flagship KORE, the RUBIKORE series incorporates several advanced audio technologies. Notably, the series features the Clarity Cone™ Technology SMC Drivers which are designed to enhance sound clarity through innovative material use and design. The SMC-KORE™ Inductors aim to minimize signal loss and improve audio purity.

Additionally, the series boasts Hybrid Tweeter Modules that integrate a new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter, promising improved high-frequency response with reduced distortion. The design is rounded off with Continuous Flare Bass Reflex Ports, engineered to deliver smoother, more dynamic bass response by optimizing airflow within the speaker cabinets.

Further details on the RUBIKORE series will be disclosed in the upcoming days, including technical specifications and availability. Meanwhile, images and preliminary information can be accessed through DALI's dedicated event link. This launch not only highlights DALI’s commitment to innovation but also marks a significant moment for audiophiles seeking the next level of sonic excellence.

DALI Unveils RUBIKORE Series at High End Munich
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