Electrocompaniet AW 300 M: A New Era of Mono Power Amplification

Electrocompaniet has recently introduced the AW 300 M Mono Power Amplifier, showcasing its commitment to high-fidelity audio with this latest addition to their lineup. Designed as a mono-only amplifier, the AW 300 M is not just an embodiment of updated, yet unmistakable Electrocompaniet design, but it also offers seamless integration with both current and legacy products from the brand.

Electrocompaniet AW 300 M: A New Era of Mono Power Amplification

Key Features of the AW 300 M:

  • Power and Performance: The AW 300 M delivers 300 Watts into an 8Ω load, and is capable of producing 600 Watts into a 4Ω load and 1000 Watts into a 2Ω load. This power output is contained within a compact design, showcasing the amplifier's efficiency and adaptability.
  • Innovative Design: The amplifier features Electrocompaniet’s direct-coupled high open-loop bandwidth topology, now enhanced with high slew-rate and extended bandwidth amplifier stages. This design allows for an exceptionally low distortion rate, ensuring audio purity.
  • Advanced Power Supply: The power supply has undergone significant enhancements, featuring 110,000 uF supply filtering and meticulous DC and RF noise filtering. An 800VA toroidal transformer, combined with upgraded wire gauge transformer and effective shielding, minimizes interference.
Electrocompaniet AW 300 M: A New Era of Mono Power Amplification

Technical Specifications:

  • The AW 300 M boasts an input impedance of 330 kΩ and a frequency response ranging from 0.5 – 220 kHz with an active input filter, and 0.5 – 1.1 MHz with the input filter disabled. It offers a voltage gain of 29 dB for mono, balanced input, ensuring precision in audio amplification.
  • The signal-to-noise ratio stands at 95 dB for a 1W/8Ω load and 120 dB for full power output, highlighting the amplifier's clarity and efficiency.
  • The dimensions of the AW 300 M are notably compact for its capability, measuring 212 mm in width, 488 mm in depth, and 292 mm in height, making it an attractive option for various setups.

Conclusion: The AW 300 M Mono Power Amplifier, priced at €13,500 per unit in Europe and £12,100 per unit in the UK, represents a significant advancement in Electrocompaniet’s product line. It is designed for audiophiles seeking a powerful, high-quality audio experience in a sleek and modern package. The AW 300 M stands as a testament to Electrocompaniet's expertise in blending innovative audio technology with user-friendly design, offering an unparalleled auditory experience.

Electrocompaniet AW 300 M: A New Era of Mono Power Amplification
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