Experience 32-bit/768 kHz PCM Signals with the Colorfly CDA-M2

Recently unveiled, the Colorfly CDA-M2 stands out as a remarkable addition to the high-fidelity audio market. This USB DAC and Amplifier combo comes in two striking colors: a classic starry gray and an eye-catching limited edition purple, with only a hundred units available for the latter. Its release marks a notable moment for Colorfly, a brand renowned for its dedication to quality audio solutions.

Delving into its technical prowess, the CDA-M2 is built around a dual CS43198 chip from Cirrus Logic. This setup enables the device to handle 32-bit/768 kHz PCM signals and native DSD 256 streams, ensuring that users experience the clearest and most detailed sounds. The design doesn't end with internal specs; the entire body of the device is crafted from a solid zinc alloy, giving it a robust and high-end feel.

The CDA-M2 isn't just about sound; it's about an experience. It boasts two Cirrus Logic DAC CS43198 flagship audio processors, a first for the M Series DAC/Amplifiers. The internal circuitry features a 6-layer gold-plated PCB, meticulously designed to separate digital and analog circuits, enhancing the overall audio quality by reducing interference.

This device isn't limited to a niche market; it's available across Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region through partner resellers. This wide availability underscores Colorfly's commitment to bringing superior audio experiences to a global audience. With its blend of style, advanced technology, and broad accessibility, the Colorfly CDA-M2 is set to resonate with audiophiles and music enthusiasts worldwide, offering a listening experience that's as premium as it is profound.

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