Feliks Audio Showcases Groundbreaking Amplifiers at Munich Audio Show

At this year's Munich Audio Show, Feliks Audio is captivating the audio community with its innovative tube amplification technology. Lukasz, a representative from Feliks Audio, shared insights into their latest offerings, which include the Envy 25th Anniversary headphone amplifier and a prototype of their first electrostatic amplifier.

Envy 25th Anniversary Amplifier

The Envy 25th Anniversary edition marks a significant milestone for Feliks Audio, celebrating 25 years of excellence in audio engineering. This limited-edition amplifier, with only 25 units available worldwide, has been designed to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in tube headphone amplifiers. Key upgrades include:

  • Custom-made amorphous core output transformers.
  • A specially designed power transformer.
  • Elrog 300B Feliks-branded power tubes.
  • Additional enhancements aimed at improving synergy and performance. The amplifier also features a stunning black piano finish, enhancing its visual appeal as much as its auditory prowess.

Mystery Electrostatic Amplifier Prototype

Feliks Audio also teased a "mystery" reveal—an advanced prototype of their first electrostatic amplifier, which has been in development for over three years. This new amplifier uses the 300B power tube, known for its exceptional quality, and is compatible with both old and new electrostatic headphones. Despite the prototype lacking a final chassis, Feliks Audio promises that the finished product will align with the high aesthetic standards of their current lineup.

Sound Signature and Customer Feedback

The new electrostatic amplifier aims to deliver robust bass reproduction—a notable challenge in electrostatic setups—while maintaining the high-resolution and detailed highs that Feliks Audio products are known for. The overall sound signature is described as neutral, consistent with the brand’s philosophy, providing an enveloping, light yet powerful audio experience. This setup is particularly optimized for headphones like the Stax SR-X9000, promising an immersive listening experience.

Looking Ahead

Feliks Audio is optimistic about making the electrostatic amplifier available by the end of the year, contingent on the progress of the final design stages. Additionally, the brand plans to focus on enhancing production schedules and reducing wait times for various models, particularly the Envy variants, which continue to be highly popular among audiophiles. Feliks Audio remains committed to innovation and eagerly anticipates community feedback to guide future developments.

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