FiiO CP13 Launches, Reviving the Classic Cassette Era

Let's discuss this new thing that recently appeared - the FiiO CP13 cassette player. It's really something unusual, if you think about it. In a world where everything has become digital and streaming dominates, FiiO made an unexpected move by bringing back cassette players.

Remember the Walkman? That little gadget from the past? The CP13 is a kind of salute to this old Sony classic. It has a vintage look with a silvery-blue case and a design straight from the late 70s. But not only the appearance is important - FiiO added modern elements, such as a USB-C port for charging and a headphone jack. True, there is no Bluetooth in it. Apparently, they really wanted to keep the retro style.

But here's what's interesting - people are really talking about this device. Some admire the nostalgia, contemplating the possibility of using their old cassette collections again. Others are skeptical about it. They wonder why go back to cassettes in an era when you can play millions of songs on your phone. And let's be honest, cassettes weren't known for their high sound quality.

There are also questions about what's inside this player. There are concerns that it may use the same cheap mechanisms as many modern cassette players, which are not considered to be the best. I think we just have to wait and see how it performs.

So yes, it's definitely a "didn't expect that" moment. The return of cassette players in the digital age is like choosing between a horse-drawn carriage and a Tesla. But, you know, everyone has their own tastes. Some people love that nostalgia, the feeling of inserting a cassette, pressing the play button, and simply enjoying music in the old-fashioned way. Let's see if this will be the start of a new/old trend or if it's just a passing interest in retro.

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