Focal's Flax Cone Feature Takes Center Stage in Aria Evo X Series

Recently, Focal caused a real stir at the CES 2024 show, presenting an updated line of its famous Aria series - Aria Evo X. Several models were presented from Aria Evo X N°1 to N°4, as well as a center speaker for home theaters. The main thing is to meet the needs of both movie lovers and true music lovers.

The main feature of the new series is the 'M'-shaped tweeter with an inverted TAM housing. This is a step forward compared to the old TNF tweeter and is designed to bring more clarity to the high frequency range - up to 30 kHz. For those who are not in the know, this means that the sound should be sharper and more detailed, especially on high notes.

The TMD® technology has also been added for the midrange range. Simply put, this technology is designed to reduce distortion and maintain a clean and balanced sound. It is like a guarantee that everything sounds exactly the way it should, without annoying noises or hum.

Focal did not stop at the sound and updated the appearance of the speakers. Now there is a Moss Green High Gloss finish, in addition to the classic black and walnut colors.

The Aria Evo X series continues to use the flax cone, a feature that Focal fans may remember from the Aria 900 series. This part is known for making the sound more natural, especially in the midrange and low frequency ranges.

Since its launch, the Aria Evo X series has generated a lot of interest among audiophiles and ordinary listeners. The new tweeter and its impact on sound quality are especially discussed. However, along with technological improvements came a price increase, and this has become a topic of discussion. Some are wondering if such a price hike is justified, especially when comparing these new models to previous versions of Aria or to products from other brands.

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