HARMAN Acquires FLUX: Ushering in Advanced Immersive Audio Solutions

HARMAN Professional Solutions has completed its acquisition of FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, a notable event that's stirring discussions and positive reactions in the audio technology community. This strategic move is being lauded as a significant enhancement to HARMAN's capabilities, particularly in the realms of immersive audio solutions, processing, and analysis across various domains including live production, installation sound, content creation, and post-production.

Professionals and enthusiasts in the audio industry view this acquisition as a synergistic union that combines FLUX's innovative software technology with HARMAN’s extensive hardware and software engineering resources. There's a palpable excitement about the potential for new, culturally significant audio experiences and advancements in technology resulting from this collaboration.

Brian Divine, President of HARMAN Professional Solutions, and Gaël Martinet, Founder and CEO of FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, both expressed their enthusiasm and optimism for the future, highlighting the prospects of empowering artists, designers, and engineers with comprehensive and innovative product offerings. The general consensus is that this move sets the stage for future innovations, bringing together the passion and expertise of both teams to create groundbreaking audio solutions.

This acquisition is seen as a strategic investment by HARMAN, aiming to bring outstanding immersive experiences to live and recorded productions, and is anticipated to make a significant impact on the audio industry, elevating the standards for audio experiences and technological developments.

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