Harmonizing Heritage and Innovation in Music Hall Audio's New Ownership Era

Music Hall Audio, a renowned brand recognized for its affordable yet high-quality audio components and turntables, has recently been acquired by Turntable USA. This new venture, led by industry veterans James Davis, Norbert Schmied, and Jonathan Derda, marks a significant shift in the audio industry. This acquisition aligns Music Hall with MoFi Distribution, part of the same ownership group as Music Direct, which is a major online retailer of high-end turntables worldwide.

Roy Hall, the founder of Music Hall, has expressed his approval and confidence in the new ownership, ensuring that the brand's legacy of offering value-driven audio products will continue. He will remain involved with Music Hall as a consultant to facilitate a smooth transition. The new owners, underlining their commitment to maintain the brand's reputation, are focused on upholding the mission of delivering premium audio products at reasonable prices.

Established in 1998, Music Hall has developed an extensive product line, including the Classic Belt Drive Turntable and the Stealth model, along with updated electronics like the a25.3 integrated amplifier and the cd25.3 CD player. This acquisition opens the door to new synergies and product development opportunities within the audio industry, particularly leveraging Music Hall's partnership with Bellari, known for its phono preamplifiers, step-up transformers, and headphone amplifiers.

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