How the Goldring Ethos SE uses Swedish iron for a soundstage so realistic

The Goldring Ethos SE is not just another phono cartridge. It is a challenge to the industry, where technologies are implemented not only for the sake of beautiful technical specifications, but also to achieve a real improvement in sound.

Let's see what makes it so special, in the language of audiophiles and without marketing water.

Silver coils for better conductivity

The first thing that catches the eye is the use of silver coils instead of standard copper ones. Silver has better conductivity, which ultimately results in more detailed and rich sound. This can be compared to switching from regular TV to HD quality - the difference in detail and clarity is visible to the naked eye.

Swedish iron core for improved channel separation

The next point is the unique Swedish iron core of the coil. Instead of the usual heavy form, a lighter and more efficient design is used here, which contributes to better channel separation and the creation of a realistic sound stage. This creates the feeling of being at a live concert, where you can accurately determine the location of each instrument.

How the Goldring Ethos SE uses Swedish iron for a soundstage so realistic

Nude diamond stylus for better tracking

The stylus is also unusual here. It is designed to penetrate deeper into the grooves of the record, extracting the maximum amount of information from them without the risk of damage. This approach allows you to catch all the nuances of the recording, approaching the intention of the performer.

Aircraft-grade aluminum body for minimized vibrations

It is equally important how the Ethos SE copes with noise and distortion. Technologies are used here to keep the sound clean and natural. And all this is packed in an aircraft-grade aluminum case, chosen not only for its appearance, but also for its ability to minimize unwanted vibrations.


Ultimately, the Goldring Ethos SE is like a premium version among cartridges for vinyl turntables. It is designed so that you can hear your records in the best possible quality, revealing details that previously went unnoticed. If you are serious about your vinyl collection, this cartridge is like stepping up to a new level of sound quality.

Price: $1,999.00

How the Goldring Ethos SE uses Swedish iron for a soundstage so realistic



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