Leema Acoustics Quantum Series Unveils Neutron and Graviton with Premium Sound Features

** Leema Acoustics Unveils the Quantum Series, Revolutionizing High-End Audio**

In a significant move that marks its first major launch in over a decade, Leema Acoustics has unveiled the Quantum series, a new line of high-end audio equipment that promises to make premium sound more accessible. This groundbreaking series includes the Neutron preamplifier and the Graviton power amplifier, both of which are built on the expertise and innovation that have become synonymous with Leema Acoustics.

A Blend of Innovation and Affordability

The Quantum series, a project 25 years in the making, represents a pivotal moment for Leema Acoustics. Founded by ex-BBC engineers, the company has always been at the forefront of audio technology. With the Quantum series, they've taken cues from their flagship Constellation series but have streamlined the design and manufacturing process to offer these products at a more accessible price point. Despite the focus on affordability, no compromises have been made in areas that count the most, such as the quality of components and sound fidelity​​​​.

Neutron Preamplifier: A Hub of Connectivity and Quality

The Neutron preamplifier is a modern marvel that combines transparency with flexibility. It boasts a high-quality MM/MC phono stage based on Leema Acoustics’ proprietary design, an advanced ESS 24-bit/192 kHz USB DAC, and a dedicated headphone amplifier. With an impressive 13 inputs, including USB, phono, optical, and coaxial, the Neutron facilitates easy integration into various systems. The preamplifier is designed to be as transparent as possible, offering a high-end Burr-Brown analogue volume control and ensuring minimal crosstalk for enhanced sound clarity​​​​.

Graviton Power Amplifier: Power and Precision

The Graviton power amplifier is a class A/B design offering 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 260 watts into 4 ohms. It features a large toroidal power supply, providing exceptional control over a wide range of loudspeakers. The high-current topology of the Graviton, employing six Toshiba output transistors per channel, ensures dynamic ability and detailed sound reproduction. The amplifier includes both balanced and unbalanced inputs, dual speaker binding posts for easy bi-wiring, and line-level loop through-outputs for bi-amping​​​​.

Pricing and Design

Both the Neutron preamp and Graviton power amplifier are priced at £1,500 each, with a combined price of £2,800 when purchased together, making the Quantum series an attractive proposition for audiophiles seeking quality audio equipment without a hefty price tag. The devices feature UK-made casework available in brushed black or silver finishes, with precision-machined front panels and control dials, reflecting Leema Acoustics' commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic elegance​​​​.

In Conclusion

The Quantum series from Leema Acoustics stands as a testament to the company's ability to innovate and adapt, bringing high-end audio within reach of a broader audience. With its combination of advanced technology, simplified design, and competitive pricing, the Quantum series is poised to redefine the landscape of high-end audio equipment.

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