Lyra Unveils Erodion EVO: A High-Fidelity Moving Coil Step-Up Interface with Exceptional Noise Reduction Capabilities

11 Dec 2023 by Mike Danyk
Lyra Unveils Erodion EVO: A High-Fidelity Moving Coil Step-Up Interface with Exceptional Noise Reduction Capabilities

In the realm of high-end audio equipment, Lyra's latest offering, the Erodion EVO, is a significant development. This Moving Coil Step-Up Interface, tailored primarily for Lyra cartridges, is also adept at working with other low-impedance cartridges within the 2 to 10 ohms range. Its compatibility with Lyra's SL MC cartridges, including the Kleos SL, Etna Lambda SL, and Atlas Lambda SL, is particularly noteworthy.

The Erodion EVO stands out for its ability to reduce noise and minimize electronic artifacts more effectively than many phono stages. This feature ensures an elevated audio experience, often surpassing the performance of well-regarded high-gain, low-noise phono stages. Its wider bandwidth and dynamic range are other remarkable aspects, delivering a sonic impact that bridges the gap between an active head amp and a conventional step-up transformer.

Equipped with a 26dB gain, the Erodion EVO adeptly increases the signal voltage and output impedance of low-output, low-impedance MC cartridges, making it a suitable match for MM-compatible phono inputs of preamplifiers and phono stages with around 47 kohms load. This makes it versatile for a range of audio setups.

An integral part of the Erodion EVO is the Lyra-designed-and-made low-capacitance PhonoPipe output cable, which measures approximately 60 cm (2 ft.). This addition further enhances its performance. Moreover, the device offers two switchable grounding positions, with Position 2 (floating ground) being recommended for optimal performance.

In terms of its physical attributes, the Erodion EVO has a compact and sturdy build. It features three stainless steel spikes for stability and has a net weight of 2430 grams (5.2 lbs). Despite its technical sophistication, the device does not contain or require any electrical power supply, emphasizing its user-friendly nature and ease of integration into existing audio setups.

The release of the Erodion EVO is a testament to Lyra's commitment to advancing audio technology, offering audiophiles a product that enhances their listening experience with minimal electronic interference and maximal audio fidelity. For those interested in exploring this latest innovation in the audiophile world, visiting Lyra's official website or contacting their customer support would provide more detailed information and technical specifics. The Erodion EVO is priced at $6,500, reflecting its position in the high-end audio equipment market.

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