Meze Audio to Showcase New Innovations at High-End Show Munich

As the High-End Show Munich approaches, scheduled for May 9-12 this year, Meze Audio is poised to make a significant impact with the introduction of its latest headphone innovations. Attendees are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the Liric 2nd Generation and Empyrean II, along with an exclusive first look at two future products that promise to redefine the brand's offerings.

The Liric 2nd Generation brings enhancements that elevate the beloved Liric series to new heights. It features a sophisticated new striped ebony wood finish that not only enriches its visual appeal but also contributes to superior acoustic performance. A key innovation in its design is the inclusion of a Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask (QWRM), which helps mitigate high-frequency peaks, thereby ensuring a smoother auditory experience. This model continues to employ the cutting-edge planar magnetic technology expertly tuned by Rinaro, delivering a sound that balances clarity with a touch of warmth.

Simultaneously, the Empyrean II builds on its predecessor’s legacy with upgraded audio capabilities that maintain Meze Audio’s hallmark of excellence. This model exemplifies the brand's commitment to merging high fidelity sound with innovative design, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience.

Additionally, Meze Audio is set to preview two highly anticipated products: the 105 AER and the ALBA IEM. The 105 AER, an open-back headphone, is designed for those who appreciate both the aesthetics of sound and space. It features an Art Deco-inspired design that blends ornamental elegance with robust functionality. The ALBA, aimed at the modern and mobile listener, offers a durable build and a sound profile that combines Meze’s signature audio quality with practical versatility.

The High-End Show in Munich is not merely a platform for Meze Audio to display their latest advancements but also a crucial opportunity for direct engagement with the audio community. Feedback and interactions from this event are invaluable, directly influencing future innovations and enhancements.

Looking ahead, Meze Audio is not slowing down. The remainder of the year will be bustling with further product developments and exciting projects, continuing to push the boundaries of audio technology. This event is set to be a cornerstone for Meze Audio, showcasing their ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the high-end audio space.

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