Nagra HD Phono: A Masterpiece in Vinyl Audio Engineering

Nagra, a trailblazer in audio technology, has released the HD Phono, a phono preamplifier that represents the culmination of years of dedicated research and development. Building on the legacy of the Nagra IV-S and the PL-P preamplifier, the HD Phono is an integral part of Nagra's prestigious HD range, complementing the HD PREAMP, HD DAC X, and HD AMP monoblocks.

The HD Phono's design is a marvel of engineering, featuring a two-chassis setup. The phono stage circuitry is housed in a CNC machined aluminum chassis for isolation and stability, while a separate chassis contains a massive supercapacitor external power supply. This design offers the advantages of rapid charge delivery and high current load stability, surpassing traditional battery-based systems.

Nagra HD Phono: A Masterpiece in Vinyl Audio Engineering

At the heart of the HD Phono are its dual-mono, pure Class A tube stages, and a remote-controlled cartridge load adjustability feature, allowing for precise matching between the cartridge and phono stage. This level of customization ensures an unparalleled vinyl listening experience. Additionally, the HD Phono employs a new generation of input transformers with Cobalt cores, cryogenically treated to enhance performance.

Technical specifications of the HD Phono include an overall gain of up to 68.5 dB, multiple input options, and cutting-edge filtering capabilities. It supports various de-emphasis curves and cartridge modes, offering an exhaustive range of settings for audiophiles to explore.

Priced at $87,500, the Nagra HD Phono is now shipping worldwide, available through Nagra’s network of retailers. This release is a testament to Nagra's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of vinyl audio reproduction, offering a sound experience that is as refined as it is revolutionary.

Nagra HD Phono: A Masterpiece in Vinyl Audio Engineering
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