Noble Audio Unveils Falcon Max TWS Earbuds with Advanced MEMS Technology

Noble Audio has announced the release of its latest product, the Falcon Max TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds. Unveiled on December 12, 2023, these earbuds are setting new standards in portable audio experiences.

The Falcon Max TWS earbuds are distinguished by their integration of advanced solid-state MEMS-based drivers from xMEMS Labs. This technology represents a pioneering approach in the realm of True Wireless Stereo, offering users enhanced sound quality, phase coherence, and an extended treble range.

Key Features of the Falcon Max TWS Earbuds:

  1. Hybrid Driver System: The earbuds boast a hybrid driver configuration that combines xMEMS Cowell for high frequencies and a 10mm high-performance dynamic driver for the low frequencies. This combination promises high-fidelity, high-resolution audio across the entire spectrum.

  2. Latest Qualcomm SoC: Powering these earbuds is the latest Qualcomm QCC5171 SoC, which doubles computing performance while also being more energy-efficient, reducing power consumption by 20% compared to previous models.

  3. Comprehensive Codec Support: The Falcon Max is Noble Audio's first product to support Bluetooth 5.3 and LDAC high-resolution wireless audio codec. Additionally, they are compatible with Snapdragon Sound, SBC, AAC, aptX adaptive, and LC3 codecs.

  4. Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation: The earbuds feature a 3rd generation ANC system that dynamically adjusts to the user's movements and environment, enhancing both comfort and sound quality.

  5. Enhanced Connectivity and Control: They support multi-point connections, multi-pairing, and aptX Voice for clear speech quality. A wireless charging case with USB Type-C port and multi-function buttons enhances user convenience.

  6. Customization and Comfort: Users can customize settings and EQ via a dedicated app, and the earbuds come with foam tips for superior sound insulation and comfort.

Priced at $270 USD, the Noble Audio Falcon Max TWS earbuds are scheduled to start shipping on December 18, 2023. This launch marks another milestone for Noble Audio, known for its innovative approach to combining various types of drivers in their earphones, as seen in their award-winning Kublai Khan IEM.

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