PMC Unveils New Active twenty5i Series in Munich

At HiEnd Munich 2024, happening from May 9 to 12, PMC is set to introduce their Active twenty5i series to the European audience. This event, held in Munich, is well-regarded in the audio community for bringing together the latest advancements in high-fidelity sound. Here's a down-to-earth rundown of what PMC is bringing to the table this year.

Event Details and Presentation Focus

HiEnd Munich 2024 is where you’ll find all sorts of audio tech enthusiasts, from industry insiders to everyday audiophiles. PMC plans to showcase their Active twenty5i series here, which includes four models that promise studio-quality sound without the mess of extra wires and external amps.

The Tech Behind the Speakers

Each speaker in this series comes with its own 100-watt amplifier built right in, which means each component of the speaker is powered exactly as it needs to be for optimal sound quality. This setup helps improve how quickly the speaker responds to changes in the audio it's playing (that's the transient response) and reduces any unwanted distortions in the sound.

Live Demonstrations

If you’re at the show, you can head over to Room D106 in Atrium 3 to hear these speakers in action. It's a chance to experience the clarity and detail they promise without having to sort through any tech jargon.

Practical Advantages

Aside from reducing the clutter of external amplifiers, the Active twenty5i speakers have both XLR and RCA inputs, making them compatible with a wide range of audio equipment. This makes them a straightforward choice if you want high-quality sound without the hassle of matching components and dealing with a tangle of cables.

In sum, PMC’s presentation at HiEnd Munich 2024 looks to offer a practical, high-quality audio solution for those looking to simplify their setup while still enjoying top-notch sound. The integration of each speaker’s amplification directly into its frame is a smart move, promising cleaner sound and an easier setup. If you're around, it's worth taking a listen to see if these speakers live up to the hype.

PMC Unveils New Active twenty5i Series in Munich
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