Pro-Ject Introduces MC Step-Up Boxes DS3 B and S3, Elevating the Vinyl Listening Experience

15 Nov 2023 by Mike Danyk
Pro-Ject Introduces MC Step-Up Boxes DS3 B and S3, Elevating the Vinyl Listening Experience

In a notable advancement in the realm of analogue audio, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, renowned for its contributions to high-fidelity sound, recently unveiled two transformative additions to their product line: the MC Step-Up Box DS3 B and the MC Step-Up Box S3. These introductions mark a new venture for the Austrian manufacturer, reflecting their dedication to enriching the auditory experiences of vinyl enthusiasts across the globe.

MC Step-Up Box DS3 B: Harmonizing Innovation and Fidelity

The DS3 B stands out as a sophisticated choice, crafted for systems embracing balanced turntable connections. It incorporates the highly regarded Lundahl LL1678 audio transformers, adept at capturing and conveying every nuance of sound. The design principle behind this transformer passively increases the output from moving coil cartridges, thus maintaining the purity of the audio signal and lessening the reliance on the phono stage's electrical output.

Highlighted Features:

  • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs, offering a pristine and interference-free signal pathway.
  • Selectable gain settings (24dB or 30dB) for compatibility with diverse cartridges.
  • User-friendly front panel adjustments for cartridge impedance and gain.
  • Assembled in Europe, the DS3 B exemplifies top-notch craftsmanship and is available in both silver and black finishes.

MC Step-Up Box S3: Bridging Affordability with Quality

The S3, designed as an accessible yet high-performance solution, adopts a dual mono design with a 1:16 transformer ratio. It features gold-plated RCA terminals and accommodates two settings for cartridge impedance, catering to individuals embarking on their high-fidelity audio journey.

Essential Features:

  • Passive amplification system, enhancing the audio output from moving coil cartridges.
  • High channel separation, ensuring an unadulterated stereo sound.
  • European craftsmanship, symbolic of enduring quality and reliability.
  • Offered in silver or black aluminum housing, aligning with various aesthetic preferences.

Pricing and Distribution

  • MC Step Up Box DS3 B: Priced at £799.00 (UK SRP).
  • MC Step Up Box S3: Priced at £399.00 (UK SRP).
  • Both models began distribution in November 2023.

With the launch of the MC Step-Up Box DS3 B and S3, Pro-Ject Audio Systems continues to blend their historical prowess in audio engineering with contemporary technological advancements. These devices are not merely tools but gateways to an enriched vinyl listening experience, catering to the nuanced needs of today’s audiophiles.

Pro-Ject Introduces MC Step-Up Boxes DS3 B and S3, Elevating the Vinyl Listening Experience
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