Sennheiser Unveils New Audio Lineup at CES 2024

Sennheiser, known for its quality audio products, made a notable appearance at CES 2024 by introducing three new products that are generating quite a buzz. These new offerings include the Momentum True Wireless 4 earbuds, the Momentum Sport earbuds, and the Accentum Plus headphones. Let's take a closer look at what each of these products brings to the table:

Sennheiser Unveils New Audio Lineup at CES 2024
  1. Momentum True Wireless 4 Earbuds

    • What's New? These earbuds are grabbing attention primarily for their aptX Lossless audio feature. This means you can expect CD-like audio quality, which is a big deal for anyone who appreciates crisp and clear sound. However, it's worth noting that to get the most out of this feature, you'll need a phone that supports Snapdragon Sound.
    • Design and Battery: While their design hasn't changed drastically from the previous model, the ear tips and nozzle have been tweaked for better earwax protection. Battery-wise, they offer 7.5 hours of playtime and 30 hours with the charging case.
    • Price and Availability: They're priced at around $299.99 and will be up for pre-order starting February 15.
  2. Momentum Sport Earbuds

    • Fitness-Focused: These are specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts. They come with built-in sensors to track your heart rate and body temperature, which is pretty cool if you're serious about your workouts.
    • Durability and Battery Life: They're also designed to withstand rigorous exercise routines, being sweat and water-resistant. The battery life is decent too, with up to 6 hours on the earbuds and 24 hours with the charging case.
    • Price and Availability: Expect to shell out around $329.95 for these, available from April 9.
  1. Accentum Plus Headphones
    • A Balance of Features and Price: Positioned as a mid-range option, these headphones offer a solid mix of features like adaptive Active Noise Cancellation and a long-lasting battery (up to 50 hours per charge).
    • User-Friendly Design: They come with intuitive touch controls, and there’s also a handy carry case included, which was missing in the previous models.
    • Price and Availability: Priced at about $229.99, these will be available from February 20.

Overall, Sennheiser seems to be stepping up its game with these new releases, catering to both audiophiles and fitness buffs. The focus on quality audio, combined with practical features like fitness tracking and noise cancellation, makes these products worth checking out.

Sennheiser Unveils New Audio Lineup at CES 2024
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