Sonos Teams Up with Sonance for Bigger and Better In-Ceiling Speakers

We will discuss:

  • The collaboration between Sonos and Sonance for an innovative 8-inch in-ceiling speaker.
  • How the larger size enhances sound quality and bass in your home.
  • Features like Trueplay tuning for optimal room acoustics and a sleek, paintable design.
  • The integration of these speakers into the wider Sonos ecosystem for a seamless audio experience.

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Here's What's New with Sonos' Latest Audio Venture

So, Sonos has been up to something interesting lately. They've joined forces with Sonance, known for their high-quality speakers, to roll out a new 8-inch in-ceiling speaker. It's a step up from their usual 6.5-inch models, and it seems like they're really trying to make a mark in the home audio world.

Bigger Size, Better Sound?

The first thing you'll notice about these speakers is their size. They're 8 inches, which is pretty large for in-ceiling speakers. But why does size matter here? Well, larger speakers typically give you better bass, and who doesn't like a bit more depth to their music? It's not just about shaking the room, but about getting a fuller sound, especially if you've got a big space to fill.

The tech inside these speakers is pretty neat too. They've got this enlarged woofer and a special driver that's all about improving mid-range sounds. Plus, there's a tweeter for those higher notes. Basically, Sonos and Sonance are trying to cover all bases to make sure whatever you're listening to sounds great.

Smart Tech and Room-Friendly Sound

Sonos is known for its smart features, and these speakers fit right into that. They work with the Sonos system, especially if you have the Sonos Amp. This means you can control them from your phone, link them up with other Sonos speakers in your house, and even use AirPlay 2. They've also got this Trueplay tuning feature, where the speakers adjust their output to sound good in whatever room they're in.

Design-wise, Sonos has kept it sleek. The speakers can blend into your ceiling, and you can even paint over the grill to match it exactly. This is great if you're not a fan of techy-looking gadgets cluttering your space.

Price and Who They're For

At 1,099 Euros a pair, these speakers aren't exactly cheap. But they're aiming at the higher end of the market. If you're serious about your home audio and want something that looks good and sounds even better, these could be a great fit.

Overall Take

With this new launch, Sonos and Sonance seem to be targeting those who want quality sound without their speakers sticking out like a sore thumb. The blend of size, sound quality, and smart features makes these speakers an interesting option. If you're in the process of upgrading your home audio and are willing to invest in something that's built to impress, these new Sonos speakers could be worth a look.

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