Symmetry in Sound - Unveiling Norma Audio's A-DAC with Symmetrical Circuit Design

In a recent revelation, Norma Audio, an Italian company celebrated for its high-fidelity audio equipment, has announced the development of the A-DAC, a new discrete digital-to-analog converter. This innovative piece, crafted by engineer Enrico Rossi, incorporates several original solutions aimed at significantly elevating the sound quality beyond traditional integrated chip designs. The A-DAC is characterized by its symmetrical circuit with current output based on bipolar transistors and an absolute absence of feedback, proficiently handling I2S format and 24-bit/768 kHz PCM signals.

Norma Audio's approach to digital sound is profoundly rooted in the pursuit of an authentic 'analog' sound experience from digital sources. This philosophy stems from countless hours of comparing live unamplified music to its digitally reproduced counterpart, leading to the realization that digital sound often remains perceptibly 'artificial.' To tackle this, the company has delved deeply into every aspect of the digital chain. The result is a conviction that the answer lies not in digital technology itself but in its practical implementation. Norma Audio aims to create digital sources that resonate with the 'musical truth,' necessitating a harmonious blend of multiple critical elements, from digital processing and DAC typology to output stages, filtering, and power supply.

Looking ahead, Norma Audio promises to release several components in 2024 that will feature the A-DAC unit. This announcement has stirred anticipation among audiophiles and industry insiders alike, as the company is known for blending technological innovation with a distinct sound direction. The upcoming releases are expected to reflect Norma Audio's commitment to creating "digital-analog creations," offering an immersive and authentic listening experience that challenges the boundaries between digital precision and analog warmth.

Symmetry in Sound - Unveiling Norma Audio's A-DAC with Symmetrical Circuit Design
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