Unitra Brings Polish Ingenuity to High End Munich for the First Time

Unitra, a pioneer in Polish engineering, is poised to make its debut at High End Munich, unveiling its latest audio innovations to a diverse audience of music enthusiasts. The event will showcase Unitra's flagship products, including integrated amplifiers, CD players, floor-standing and bookshelf speakers, and turntables, marking the brand's first international appearance.

High End Munich presents a significant opportunity for Unitra to introduce its revamped stereo product lineup, meticulously crafted over three years to meet the discerning standards of audiophiles worldwide.

A Legacy of Innovation

Unitra's journey began in 1961, rooted in the Union of the Electronic and Communications Industry. Overcoming challenges throughout its history, Unitra has evolved to establish Unitra Sp. z o.o. in 2021, dedicated to preserving the brand's audio legacy with a contemporary approach.

Introducing the 2023 Product Lineup

Unitra's comprehensive home audio solution covers source components, amplifiers, loudspeaker cables, and speakers, offering a holistic audio experience. Notably, the ZGB-401 bookshelf loudspeaker makes its debut, designed to deliver powerful sound in a compact form, marking a milestone for Unitra's international presence.

Global Availability

Unitra proudly announces the availability of its products beyond Poland, supported by comprehensive sales materials and online accessibility. This marks the first step in Unitra's journey to make its innovations accessible to a global audience.

Product Highlights

  • WSH-805 Integrated Amplifier: This amplifier, reminiscent of the golden age of hi-fi, boasts a dual-mono configuration and timeless design, delivering exceptional performance with perfect channel separation. Pricing starts at €4,550.
  • CSH-801 CD Player: With an onboard DAC and CD transport functionality, this player combines elegant design with superior audio quality. Priced at €1,940.
  • GSH-801 Edmund Turntable: Unitra's flagship turntable features a proprietary motor and advanced speed control system for unparalleled performance. Pricing starts at €4,550.
  • ZGZ-801 Floor-standing Speaker: Crafted with custom drivers and a 3-way configuration, this speaker offers outstanding clarity and dynamic range. Priced at €4,890.

Unitra's commitment to excellence was recently recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award for the design of the WSH-805 integrated amplifier.

A Culture of Innovation

Unitra credits its dedicated engineering team, comprising over 30 professionals, for its success. Led by Head of Engineering Adrian Krupowicz, the team embodies Unitra's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Unitra invites enthusiasts to experience its inaugural showcase at High End Munich from May 9–12, 2024, as the brand marks its first step towards global recognition.

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