Why the CXN100 is Cambridge Audio's New Crown Jewel

In the ever-evolving world of high-fidelity audio, the Cambridge Audio CXN100 network player emerges as a beacon of innovation, setting new standards for audiophiles and music lovers alike. With its launch, Cambridge Audio not only continues its legacy of delivering cutting-edge audio technologies but also introduces a suite of features designed to enhance the music listening experience in unprecedented ways.

DAC and Audio Performance

At the heart of the CXN100's appeal lies the integration of the ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC, a choice that underscores the company's commitment to sonic purity and accuracy. This DAC is renowned for its ability to convert digital signals to analog with exceptional precision, ensuring that every nuance and detail of the music is captured with unmatched clarity.

Streaming Capabilities

The device's streaming capabilities are powered by the latest StreamMagic Gen4 module, offering full MQA compatibility and a wide range of streaming services including Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, and Deezer. This guarantees users access to high-quality content delivered through a user-friendly interface, making it easy and enjoyable to access a vast array of digital music.


Connectivity is another area where the CXN100 shines, offering a plethora of options to suit any configuration. Whether it's USB, coaxial, TOSLINK, Chromecast, AirPlay 2, or Bluetooth, the CXN100 ensures that your music, regardless of the source, will be seamlessly integrated into your listening system. Moreover, its compatibility with Google Home, Apple AirPlay, and Roon multi-room systems opens up a world of possibilities for distributing music throughout the home, making it a versatile hub for audio entertainment.

User Experience

Why the CXN100 is Cambridge Audio's New Crown Jewel

The CXN100 is not just about technical prowess; it's also designed with the user experience in mind. Controlled via the intuitive StreamMagic app, it allows for easy navigation and control, making it possible to curate your listening experience with ease. The inclusion of a 4.76-inch front-panel display further enhances this experience, displaying album artwork and track information in vivid detail.

Design and Build Quality

Cambridge Audio's commitment to quality extends to the design and construction of the CXN100, with a build quality that reflects the company's British heritage of audio innovation. This commitment is evident in the device's elegant aesthetics and robust functionality, making it not only a powerful audio tool but also a stylish statement in any home audio system.

Pricing and Value

With a price tag of $1,099, the CXN100 represents a significant investment in sound quality, but for those who prioritize impeccable sound and seamless digital integration, it offers unparalleled value. As the latest offering from a company with a rich history in the audio industry, the CXN100 is poised to take its place as a new icon in the world of music streaming, promising to deliver an audio experience that is as rich and detailed as it is easily accessible.


In conclusion, the Cambridge Audio CXN100 stands as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to audio excellence. With its advanced DAC, extensive connectivity, and user-centric design, it not only meets the demands of modern audiophiles but also sets a new benchmark for what is possible in the realm of high-quality streaming.

Technical Specifications

  • DAC: ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference
  • Streaming Module: StreamMagic Gen4
  • Supported Streaming Services: Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, Deezer, Chromecast, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth
  • Connectivity: USB, Coaxial, TOSLINK, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Display: 4.76-inch Color Display
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 85 x 305 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
Why the CXN100 is Cambridge Audio's New Crown Jewel
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