Sonic Panorama Shaping Depth and Detail


  • McIntosh MC50
  • iFi stream transport
  • AudioQuest Rocket 33
  • Van den Hul cables
  • Wireworld Stream RCA
  • Legacy Audio Whispers (upgraded with a Bob Carver ribbon tweeter and a new crossover network)
  • Valve Audio Genesis
  • Zingali Zero Sei
  • iFi ZEN DAC Signature
  • Perreaux p350
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The setup emerges as a finely tuned array of high-fidelity components, each selected and arranged to create a seamless confluence of clarity and warmth. Anchored by the seamless digital audio stream from the iFi stream transport and the detailed resolution of the iFi ZEN DAC Signature, the system is a showcase of digital prowess and analog soul. The audio journey progresses through the Valve Audio Genesis pre-amplifier, which imparts a velvety warmth to the sound, while the power dynamics are effortlessly handled by the Perreaux p350 power amplifier and the McIntosh MC 50 monoblocks, driving the bass and mids of the Legacy Whispers with authoritative precision.

The speakers themselves are a focal point, with the Legacy Audio Whispers receiving a significant upgrade through a Bob Carver ribbon tweeter and a custom crossover network, ensuring a delicate yet detailed high-frequency response. Complementing the setup, the Zingali Zero Sei speakers and the MartinLogan Descent subwoofer extend the soundscape, producing an enveloping soundstage and robust bass that reaches into the very soul of the listener. Interconnects from XLO, Wireworld, and AR maintain the system's integrity, while the synergy of Van den Hul and AudioQuest Rocket 33 speaker cables completes the circuit of this audiophile's haven, delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary.

by: Havindiisco



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