The Audiophile's Palette of Sound and Silence


  • Lyra Kleos
  • Nordost Tyr 2
  • NAD M50.2
  • Gryphon Diablo 120
  • Gryphon Sonett
  • Piega Coax 511
  • Brinkmann Taurus
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At the heart of this setup sits the Gryphon Diablo 120 amplifier, a unit celebrated for its dynamic power and sonic clarity, ensuring that the audio signal is amplified with meticulous detail. Paired with it, the Gryphon Sonett phono stage offers a revered dedication to vinyl reproduction, extracting the analog warmth and intricate textures from each record.

The Brinkmann Taurus turntable, with its sturdy build and precise engineering, serves as the system's analog source. It's matched with a Lyra Kleos cartridge that translates the grooves of vinyl into a breathtakingly detailed sound. The Piega Coax 511 speakers stand as the final touchpoint, transforming electrical signals into an auditory experience with their coaxial design ensuring a coherent, room-filling soundstage.

The NAD M50.2 digital player bridges the gap between analog and digital, offering high-resolution playback with faithful audio reproduction. Linking all these components, the Nordost Tyr 2 cables ensure that the integrity of the sound is preserved, allowing for a system that performs harmoniously, creating an immersive listening experience that's both refined and emotionally engaging.

by: Ronny Haga



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