The setup is a seamless blend of analog warmth and hands-on functionality. A Mastersounds 1210 turntable anchors the experience, a beacon for vinyl enthusiasts, while the Condesa Lucia mixer adds a tactile pleasure to the art of sound mixing. These pieces aren’t just electronics; they're instruments that invite interaction and celebrate the physicality of music.

Flanked by the solid presence of Sansui components—the CA-2000 preamp and TU-9900 tuner—there’s an air of nostalgic fidelity that purists yearn for. The Sansui BA-2000 power amp stands ready to drive the iconic JBL L65 Jubal speakers, which are perched on custom stands, marrying bespoke craftsmanship with acoustic precision. This setup isn’t just about sound; it’s a statement in the joy of music, the beauty of sound engineering, and a personal touch that brings it all to life.

by: Little Boxes



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