Vinyl, Vintage, and the Love of Sound


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Tucked into a snug corner, the setup is a cozy celebration of sound and technology, where classic aesthetics meet modern audio engineering. The Lyngdorf tdai 2170 with RoomPerfect sits ready to fine-tune the room’s acoustics to audio perfection, working in harmony with the streaming savvy of a BlueSound Node. The inclusion of a pair of NAD C298 amps suggests a serious nod to delivering ample power with clarity, ensuring the system sings with a vibrant and full-bodied sound.

Flanked by walls of music in all its tangible forms, from CDs to vinyl, the Fyne Audio Vintage 15 speaker stands as a stately audio anchor, promising a listening experience that’s both immersive and impeccably detailed. With its wooden finish, it's not just there for function but adds a touch of timeless elegance to the space. This setup isn't just put together; it's crafted, a space where the love for rich, detailed sound is evident in every choice, from the warmth of the amplifiers to the precision of the speaker.



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