The Intersection of Sound and Space


  • Lumin u2 mini
  • ATC scm 40 v2
  • Rockna wavelight
  • Electrocompaniet aw 250 r
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The setup here is thoughtfully curated to provide an immersive sonic experience, where each component is chosen for its ability to deliver exceptional sound fidelity. The heart of the system is the Lumin U2 Mini, a network music player that boasts a premium DAC for impeccably clear digital-to-analog conversion. This feeds into the Rockna Wavelight DAC, a high-resolution audio processor celebrated for its precision and the remarkable depth it brings to digital files, ensuring that every note is rendered with pristine clarity.

Powering the speakers is the Electrocompaniet AW250R, an amplifier renowned for its robust performance and ability to maintain a harmonious balance of power and finesse. It drives the ATC SCM40 V2 speakers, which stand confidently as the final piece in the audio chain. These speakers are distinguished by their detailed soundstage and neutral sound profile, promising an uncolored and pure audio experience. Together, these components are not just pieces of technology, but instruments that work in concert to create a soundscape where music is not just heard but felt, inviting an exploration into the depths of each track played.

by: sounds_like_heaven



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