A Masterpiece of Vinyl Enthusiasm


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This vinyl setup is a showcase of precision and dedication to the art of sound. Placed under a distinctive slanted ceiling, the configuration highlights a carefully chosen array of audio components that blend superior functionality with aesthetic appeal. The centerpiece, a Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB Walnut turntable, is well-regarded for its excellent sound quality and visually striking design. It's paired with an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge, known for its ability to capture intricate audio details from vinyl records.

Complementing the turntable, the Advance MyConnect 150 amplifier functions as the powerhouse, providing clear and robust sound. The system is rounded out with Focal Kanta 1 speakers and a Sonus Faber Gravis 1 subwoofer, creating a rich and enveloping sound environment. The setup is accented with music posters and warm lighting, making it not just a functional space for audio playback but a personal retreat for immersive listening experiences.

by: salival89



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