A Symphony of Sound and Style in a Masterful HiFi Setup


  • Audio Technica AT 13 Ea
  • Brinkmann Calvin
  • Brinkmann Audio Lagrange
  • ART G3 by Audionet
  • Rack + TT- Base: Custom made
  • Sonoran Plateau series by Starsoundtechnologies
  • Accessories: HMS, Harmonix, Levar Resonance, Peter Feldmann, Vibex
  • Brinkmann Stereo MK2
  • Guarneri Homage by Sonus Faber
  • RöNt power supply
  • Hana Umami Red
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Jazzman Henning's HiFi setup showcases an exquisite blend of high-performance audio equipment and elegant design. The setup features the precision-engineered Lagrange turntable from Brinkmann Audio, complete with a RöNt power supply, 10.5 tone arm, and an Umami Red cartridge by Hana, ensuring each record spins with unmatched clarity. Paired with the ART G3 CD-Player by Audionet, meticulously tuned by Benedictus HiFi, the digital audio output is as crisp and vibrant as the analog.

Complementing the sources, the Calvin preamp and Stereo MK2 power amp by Brinkmann Audio drive the Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage speakers, delivering sound that is as rich in detail as it is in depth. The entire system is connected by Sonoran Plateau series cables from Starsound Technologies, ensuring pristine signal transmission. Jazzman's custom-designed rack and a selection of top-tier audio accessories from brands like HMS and Harmonix further enhance the auditory experience, making this setup not just a source of music, but a centerpiece of acoustic artistry.



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