Naim Audio Setup in a Homely Living Room


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In a corner of a living room painted in calming tones, there lies a well-thought-out audio setup that balances high-end audio fidelity with the aesthetics of home comfort. At the core of this arrangement sits a Naim NDX2 streamer, coupled neatly with a Naim 282 preamplifier, 250DR power amplifier, and a HiCap DR power supply, all resting on a sleek audio rack. Complementing the electronic ensemble are the ProAc DB1 speakers, known for their exceptional handling of mid-range frequencies, making them a perfect match for vocal-heavy tracks and the nuanced sounds of jazz and folk. Adding a classic touch is the Rega P8 turntable with an Ania Pro MC cartridge, bridging the gap between modern digital clarity and rich analog warmth. This setup not only focuses on sound quality but also integrates life's little necessities, like robust speaker stands that account for the playful leaps of a pet cat, blending the practical with the passionate.

by: lemonsodahair



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