The Dynaudio Confidence 60 and Simaudio Moon Masterpiece at the Munich High-End Show


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Showcased at the revered Munich High-End Show, the collaboration between Dynaudio and Simaudio introduces an exceptional audio system tailored for audiophiles. The setup features Dynaudio Confidence 60 speakers, lauded for their sonic accuracy and expansive soundstage, paired with two powerhouse components: the Simaudio Moon 891 Network Player and dual Moon 861 Power Amplifiers. This pairing promises an aural experience that captures every nuance of sound with striking clarity and depth. The Confidence 60 speakers, equipped with sophisticated driver technology and the Esotar3 tweeter, deliver an audio experience that is as pure as it is impactful.

At the core of this system, the Simaudio Moon 891 processes digital audio with unrivaled precision, while the dual Moon 861 amplifiers provide a robust and controlled output, ensuring an immersive listening experience with dynamic and detailed sound. Enhanced by Nordost Valhalla 2 Reference Speaker Cables and the QBASE power distribution system, the setup exemplifies the pursuit of sonic fidelity—delivering a performance that is not just heard but deeply felt, embodying the pinnacle of audio engineering celebrated at the Munich High-End Show.



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