Dynaudio and Thorens Collaboration


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At the High End Show, we spotted an impressive Dynaudio audio system setup that exudes both elegance and technical prowess. The centerpiece of this setup is a pair of Dynaudio Focus 50 wireless streaming speakers, perfectly positioned on either side of a minimalist wooden shelf. These speakers, with their sleek black high gloss finish, stand tall and are designed to deliver high-fidelity sound. On the shelf sits a Thorens turntable, its clear dust cover revealing a record spinning gracefully, hinting at the collaboration between Thorens and Dynaudio. The turntable's integration with the Dynaudio system highlights a seamless blend of modern wireless technology and classic vinyl playback.

Focusing on the turntable, it's evident that Dynaudio and Thorens have crafted a piece of audio art. The turntable is based on the renowned Thorens TD 403 DD direct-drive mechanism, known for its precision and reliability. It features a sophisticated black-anodized aluminum finish, giving it a modern and premium look. The onboard RIAA preamp, along with modules for digital and Bluetooth output, ensures versatile connectivity options. Pre-fitted with a custom Ortofon Concorde Music Blue cartridge, the turntable promises exceptional sound quality, making it a perfect addition to any audiophile's collection. The overall setup is a testament to Dynaudio's commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with high-performance audio technology.



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