A Unique HiFi Audio Setup


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This HiFi setup is a notable example of combining select audio components for an exceptional listening experience. Central to its performance is the Marantz SR4300 preamp, chosen for its ability to render sound with warmth and intricate detail. The speakers are powered by Alesis RA150 power amps, recognized for their clear and powerful output. For vinyl enthusiasts, the setup features the Hitachi HT-41S turntable, adding a vintage flavor to the audio journey. Complementing these components is a tube buffer SD-CD3, which enhances the sound with its smooth and nuanced character.

A standout feature of this setup is the use of Philips 9710M/01 8" full-range drivers. These drivers are highly regarded for their open baffle design and their ability to produce a natural and expansive soundstage. They replace the previous Teac NXT speakers for mid-high frequencies, offering a richer and more detailed audio experience.

by: audiiophile_small_room



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