Retro Vibes & Sonic Waves


  • Scott 370R
  • Realistic Mach One
  • Realistic STA-2000D
  • Yamaha YP-D8
  • Realistic Mach Two
  • BSR 110X
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Stepping into this room is like slipping into a different era, where the warm crackle of vinyl is the soundtrack and retro charm fills the air. It’s a space that celebrates the golden age of analog with a setup that’s as much about the music as it is about the mood. From the wooden record crates brimming with vinyl gems to the sleek turntable and hefty speakers, each piece tells a story of sonic adventures and late-night listening sessions. It’s a place where the tunes are tangible, pulled from sleeves and spun into life, filling the room with a sound that’s rich and raw.

The ambiance here is a mixtape of comfort and style. Mid-century modern chairs offer the best seats in the house, positioned just so for the sweet spot of stereo sound. Wall art and music memorabilia create a visual playlist that echoes the diverse collection of records. This isn’t just a room; it’s a living album cover where every detail—from the shaggy comfort of the rug to the laid-back lighting—sets the stage for a personal concert experience. Here, music isn't just background noise; it's the main event, a multisensory feast for the ears, eyes, and soul.

by: Logan Eisch (logirecords)



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