Harmonious Symphony in an Audiophile's Sanctuary


  • Focal Scala Utopia
  • KLE Harmony RCA
  • Ayon Audio CD35 Signature Edition
  • Audio-Technica ART20
  • PrimaLuna EVO 100
  • Pass Labs XP17
  • Ypsilon Phaeton
  • Zensati Authentica
  • pilium DCF powerblock
  • Mogami 3368
  • Clearaudio Innovation with Universal tonearm
  • Mojo audio modified Mac Mini server
  • Chord Blu Mk2
  • Graham Audio LS8/1
  • Chord DAVE
  • Audia Flight FSL1
  • Sablon Audio Cables
  • Furutech IC Cablese
  • Tellurium Q Statement II RCA
  • Vicoustic panels
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Step into a space meticulously crafted for the purest audio experience, where the PrimaLuna EVO 100 tube amplifier sits at the core, its warm, enveloping sound forming the foundation of a rich auditory tapestry. The room is alive with the clarity of Graham Audio LS8/1 speakers, echoing the timeless tradition of the revered BBC monitors, known for their impeccable precision and warmth. In concert, these elements produce a sound that is both faithful to the original recording and enveloping in its delivery, creating an atmosphere where music does not just play; it breathes.

The system is further refined by the Pass Labs XP17 phono preamplifier, a testament to the beauty of vinyl, ensuring that the analog charm of each record is captured in its full glory. A Clearaudio universal 9" tonearm guides the stylus with unwavering precision, while the resonant acoustics of the Focal Scala Utopia V1 speakers fill the room with impeccable sound. Binding this ensemble of high-fidelity components are the Mogami 3368 cables with KLE Harmony RCA plugs, the silent heroes preserving the purity of sound across the airwaves. This setup is not merely a collection of high-end audio equipment; it's a carefully orchestrated symphony, where technology meets passion, delivering an immersive musical narrative that is truly transformative.

by: ancient_trees_recordings



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