A Tranquil Audiophile Haven


  • VPI Prime
  • Graham Chartwell LS3/5a
  • Acoustic Zen cables
  • Lumin T2
  • REL Strata III
  • Cinemag 1254 SUT
  • RS30EQ phono stage
  • Hana SL
  • Leben CS600x
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Nestled in the den, this audio setup stands as a sanctuary for the pure enjoyment of music, eschewing the pursuit of hyper-detail in favor of a sound that is rich with tone, weight, and body. It is a system conceived not to dissect the recordings but to bring forth their musical essence, creating a sound that is warm, embracing, and romantically inclined.

The heart of the setup is a Leben CS600x integrated amplifier, renowned for its ability to convey music with soul and presence. A dedicated RS30EQ phono stage caters to the nuances of vinyl playback, while the Lumin T2 streamer bridges the gap between analog warmth and digital convenience. The Graham Chartwell LS3/5a speakers, paired with a REL Strata III subwoofer, fill the room with a sound that is both lush and substantial. The entire system is interconnected with Acoustic Zen cables, ensuring that the audio signal is delivered with integrity and finesse. This arrangement is a testament to the art of listening, where the gear steps back, allowing the music to take center stage.

by: WebersNotPMO



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